New behaviours: self-enhancement

We are Foolproof,
an experience
design agency

We create products and services, which improve the lives of millions of people all around the world.

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We design for
the win/win

By exploring the needs of both our clients and their customers we design experiences that are commercially effective and a pleasure to use.

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We build close working relationships 

Collaboration is central to how we work. Compelling design comes from teams not individuals. Everyone is invited to make their contribution.

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Team brainstorming ideas Meeting with a client

We are organised around four practices

Foolproof is home to some of the world’s most talented people in the field of user experience. They come from a wide range of disciplines. It means we look at design problems differently, and solve them in original ways.

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We're curious about how the world is changing

We watch and listen carefully so that we can understand how technology is influencing human behaviour. We share fresh thinking about what we find almost every day.

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Checking travel details on a phone at the station
Using NFC at a train station barrier

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