About us

It’s taken us sixteen years to become an overnight sensation

We started Foolproof in 2002 when frankly most websites were terrible and mobile phones did little more than make calls. At this time only a handful of people in the world believed, like we did, that there was a better way to design digital products and services.

Slowly, very slowly, our point of view has prevailed. Clients and their customers are now generally better represented in design; most big projects move in iterative steps, rather than risky leaps-of-faith; and the measurement of design outcomes is treated more seriously.

Now experience design thinking is mainstream, not idealistic. That’s because it works. We’re very proud of the part we’ve played in helping to prove this. And we’re not done yet.

How to win friends and influence people

We are the nicest zealots you’ll probably ever meet: friendly, big-hearted people but with a steely-eyed commitment to doing great work in the right way.

We want to change the world

We want our business to positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people in every part of the world. Good design has the power to do this. Foolproof is part of global technology company Zensar and works with the world’s biggest and most influential brands. These companies have the reach to make a difference. If we can help them to make better products and services then everyone benefits.

Doing things right is about doing the right things

We are a mission-based company. If you aren’t committed to good design you’ll find it hard to be an employee or a client. But really it all boils down to people. Do you find what other people do and think interesting? Do you like to use what you’ve learned to make better tools and services for them? Can you put what other people need ahead of what’s easy for you? Are you always ready to learn something new?

If so, maybe we could do some great work together.



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Registered address: Seebohm House, 2-4 Queen Street, Norwich NR2 4SQ