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We partnered with Allianz to design and deliver a responsive brochureware site for their car and home insurance.

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Informing and empowering Allianz customers

In order to realise their ambition for market expansion, Allianz knew they needed a more comprehensive and customer focused online offering. The recently redeveloped Allianz brand identity had never been interpreted as a navigable user interface and required us to create entirely new branding elements to support it.

The core insurance product was also scheduled to change from a lightweight product with a number of optional add-ons, to a more comprehensive, all-in-one offering. Our design also had to help customers self-service their needs via the new site, taking pressure off of the Allianz call centre and helping to reduce on-going operational costs.

Our process

We undertook a major content audit, which allowed us to identify what should stay and what should go across the 100+ pages Allianz was displaying to users on the current site. We then began a series of co-creation workshops with the Allianz project team to define the new site structure, creating information architecture overviews, site maps and a low fidelity prototype, covering the first 10 screens.

Sketches of the early iterations of the Allianz project.
Storyboarding of the Allianz project.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the Allianz development team to help define how their new responsive CMS should function with our proposed designs. This close level of collaboration worked perfectly, with a remarkably smooth development period that, in collaboration with our prototype and visual design support, enabled the project to be delivered on time and on budget.

Five people brainstorming ideas to inform the Allianz design.

The outcome

Customers can navigate the new site more confidently, on more devices, as well as more readily access the information needed to make informed purchase decisions about Allianz products. Since the new site went live, Allianz has seen dramatic, double-digit percentage increases in the number of visitors using the site as well as a significant increase in the number of customers entering the ‘Quote and Buy’ process.

A seamless experience

With a large increase in customers entering and completing the ‘Quote and Buy’ process from the site, the benefits to Allianz and their customers are clear.

Desktop website view including car insurance, home and insurance with the options to get quotes.
Mobile design features - car insurance, home insurance.