We helped Camelot improve the experience for players after they bought a Lottery ticket.

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Reimagining the experience

The National Lottery is a British institution that has been transforming the lives of people across the UK for over twenty years. But just like any other business it is having to adapt to the ways in which digital is constantly shifting customer behaviour and expectations.

Customers were eager to stay informed and connected with the Lottery in new ways. Camelot identified the time after buying a ticket as an opportunity to do just this, whilst also driving digital adoption and increasing user satisfaction. Camelot asked us to find new ways to keep customers informed and connected.

Our approach

We began by digesting the wealth of primary customer insight Camelot had. This gave us an overview of the current state of play as well as an idea of customer motivations and attitudes. We then held a series of workshops with Camelot's internal teams, ranging from marketing, research and product. 

Camelot sketchnotes
iPhone Camelot sketches

These sessions, combined with the primary research, painted a holistic picture of the customer journey, allowing us to identify where the potential painpoints and opportunity spaces were.

We sketched out some ideas that we felt could improve the customer journey and conducted guerilla testing with users to quickly validate intiial concepts. We then began developing high fidelity design artefacts for the B2C online channels. 

Camelot spot illustrations of a heart, a ticket, a rosette and an owl

The results

We designed solutions for the most common challenges customers were encountering when engaging with Camelot online as well as identifying key areas of the offline customer experience for improvement.

Camelot ticket checker landing page
Camelot results checker mobile view