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We love this brand. Domino’s pizza has fuelled many of the creative breakthroughs in our studio down the years. We expressed our gratitude through this responsive ecommerce platform.

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An integrated, cross-device experience for multiple EU markets

Domino’s have offered online ordering since 1998. Mobile ordering was added in 2009 and has grown to around a quarter of online orders. But high growth was putting a strain on the technology platform, and there was a lack of consistency in UX across devices which needed addressing.

Domino’s asked us to create an integrated experience across devices, and develop consistent design patterns which could be applied in the UK, German and Swiss markets.

Our process

Early user research in the UK and Germany helped us understand the differing expectations in each market. Each market had subtly different content needs in terms of convenience, quality and value. We needed a platform which could reflect local tastes while preserving consistency in brand and interaction design.

Domino's pizza storyboarding process.
Domino's customisation page mock up.

Design workshops with business stakeholders and the client’s in-house development team allowed us to generate a wide range of concept sketches for the new experience. Domino’s encouraged us to explore novel ways of presenting choices and building an order. As concepts started to solidify we used further rounds of user research in the UK and Germany to evaluate our thinking.


At the start of the project we were working with some pretty blunt stereotypes about what customers in each market were looking for. Research gave a much richer picture, revealing where there were common expectations - and also where there were genuine differences.

The win/win

Richer insight led to a richer experience for the customer, which in turn leads to convenience, preference and loyalty.

Domino's deliverable desktop view.
Domino's deliverable mobile view.