We helped Elanco get closer to their customers by designing a portal which allows users to access all of their account information in a single location.

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Increased customer satisfaction

Elanco Animal Health develops and markets products to improve animal health and protein production in more than 75 countries and are the third largest worldwide Animal health company. Elanco's goal is to become the number one value provider to customers by 2020.

Central to achieving this is making it easy to do business with Elanco and for customers to be able to access personalised account information in a simple and efficient way. Elanco approached us to help them create a portal which provides an online tool for their customers to access ‘all things Elanco’ bringing convenience and increased customer satisfaction to the partnership with the company.

Our approach

We began the project with some formative research assessing the competitor landscape and identifying opportunities to differentiate and surpass what was already on the marketplace and to gain a deep understanding of Elanco’s existing and target customers. 

We adopted a qualitative approach and set out to understand the context in which Elanco customers work and their relationship with Elanco. We looked into their information seeking behaviours and their relationships with their customers and uncovered their expectations for the portal.

Animal context (especially area and season) is an important factor in the sales of animal health products. 

Sketches of the Elanco website on mobile
A wireframe for the Elanco website

Our research revealed that Elanco Food Animal customers spend a lot of time outdoors, in rural areas, where connectivity is an issue. Food Animal customers tended to spend roughly half of their time indoors and half outdoors whereas Companion Animal vet practice roles tended to spend most of their time indoors, with occasional home visits. In order to cater to these user needs we included offline functionality to access the content needed when on the road.

We also formulated a set of behavioural user types that described the range of Elanco portal external customer requirements. These were instrumental in informing the design process by being a reference point for our design team when making decisions. They helped focus design decisions and prioritise content and features.

The information architecture of the Elanco website

The win/win

The portal is simple and easy to use and provides users with the clearest, most holistic and transparent view of their relationship with Elanco; ensuring the company stays relevant and valuable to their customers by focusing on their needs.

Screenshot of the Elanco website desktop view