Brand experience

We partnered with Forces Mutual to create a digital and physical brand identity which reflected the company’s position as the financial ally to the Armed Forces.

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A financial ally

Forces Mutual is the UK’s largest non-profit financial services organisation dedicated to servicemen and women. Established in 1999 it serves over 180,000 members of the armed forces in military branches across Europe.

Forces Mutual approached us because it recognised that the benefits of its mutual status would be best demonstrated through delivering an exceptional customer experience driven by a focus on its members.

Our approach

In order to uncover the very particular needs of this group of men and women we spent time with all three armed services, the Army, Navy and RAF, to understand how their particular financial needs, worries and expectations could be best met by the new brand. The guiding principle behind this was that people wanted financial partnerships rather than just products. This insight inspired the new tagline and unifying concept, ‘Your Financial Ally.’

Forces Mutual digital branding asset


Forces Mutual incentive

By working rapidly and collaboratively with the Forces Mutual team, we successfully delivered a new fully-responsive website, multi-channel brand strategy, as well as a new logo, which is an abstraction of the lines and colours used in the Union Jack, chosen as a recognisable symbol of Britain that unites the Army, Navy and RAF.

Forces Mutual collect medium formats

A unified brand experience

Having abstracted the lines and colours of the Union Jack for the digital experience we then applied them offline, creating a comprehensive print style guide.

The win/win

By focusing on the specific needs of Forces Mutual members we succeeded in creating a brand that’s differentiated from its competitors. The men and women who are busy serving our country but have families, financial needs and worries just like the rest of us.

The results

“This is an exciting time in our history as a company. We’re proud to be the largest mutual dedicated to protecting the financial interests of the service men and woman who protect us every day. Our aim is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience to every one of our members, and Foolproof are an excellent partner to help us deliver on that commitment.” Robin Williams, Director, Forces Mutual

Forces Mutual landing page