Eli Lilly

We worked with Eli Lilly to envision and create next generation digital services that will transform the company’s global service offering to healthcare professionals.

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A new era in healthcare driven by digital technology

Pharmaceutical companies are being challenged to work with buyers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients in entirely new ways. Digital is empowering patients to have an active role in treatment and healthcare options whilst HPCs expect value adding digital tools and support services which complement treatment approaches.

Lilly wanted to make digital innovation a core part of its business operations. It selected Foolproof as experience design partner to develop an understanding of the role digital services could play in supporting healthcare professionals better serve patients.

Our approach

We began the project with a visioning workshop with senior stakeholders from the UK, European and US teams. This helped us create a viewpoint on where the opportunities were for creating a differentiated digital experience.

Interviews in four countries and ethnographic research provided insight into the complexities of Lilly’s customer base. We needed to not only satisfy regulatory requirements, which differ between countries and therapies, but also meet the diverse needs of a complex matrix of customers.

Lilly homepage wireframe with easily navigable menus and sliders
Persona combined with design mock-up

Using the insight gathered from research we created a series of user personas and customer journeys, which allowed us to group users with similar behaviour patterns and understand their motivations.

Having established a clear idea of our target audience we then moved into a lean design phase consisting of collaborative one-week sprints. We began each week by agreeing with the Lilly team the focus of design for that week and by the end of the week we had an html prototype to take into research.

The outcome

This first phase with Lilly was about getting the basics right and building organisational capability and confidence around a new way of designing and delivering digital services to customers. Our successful collaboration has proven to the business that delivering right first time to customers is not only possible but can be faster, cheaper and ultimately more personally rewarding.

Lilly production selection design panel
Lilly production selection design panel mobile