Conditions Zone

We partnered with Lucozade Sport to create an award winning, experiential experience for grass-roots footballers.

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Enhancing the players' experience

Lucozade Sport is dedicated to providing athletes with the perfect levels of fuel and hydration, whatever the conditions. They wanted to put their product to the test and asked us to create an experiential event with science at the heart, bringing to life the claim that Lucozade Sport ‘Enhances Hydration, Fuels Performance’.

Our creative technology studio, Knit were tasked with creating an experience designed to demonstrate the effect of hydration and sweat loss on performance during a football game, using creative technology, innovation, personalisation and social sharing to enhance each players’ experience.

The process

Lucozade sport conditions pitch 3D visualisation

On arrival at the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone, each player was given an RFID wristband to personalise and share their whole experience and enable them to easily retrieve their performance analysis at the end. Dedicated Sports Scientists used Android applications on tablets to record weight loss, take photos of the players, and measure their heart rate and hydration levels.

A referee used an app on a mobile phone to start the game. From the app, the referee managed the scores and could select players that score or received red or yellow cards. The Sports Scientists entered each player’s post match performance data into the tablet and on a large score board.

After the game, players simply scanned their RFID wristbands and then shared their performance data with their friends and colleagues on social media which increased the social engagement of the project.

The experience was completed with a personalised email with a link to the mobile responsive Lucozade Sport website which enabled each player to see a deeper view of performance and the effects of hydration. The entirety of the digital experience was designed, tested and developed by our creative technology studio, Knit. 

Lucozade sport conditions pitch 3D visualisation exterior
Lucozade sport conditions pitch with players

The conditions

We gave amateur footballers the chance of playing 5-a-side football in the same conditions as England’s opening World Cup game in Manaus, Brazil (average conditions of 32°C and 76% humidity).


As well as providing an amazing sporting experience, the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone also attracted global interest as a showcase of how brands can successfully harness creative technology.

people played in the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone
social engagements

The win/win

James Young, Head of Sponsorship, Lucozade Ribena Suntory said: “From idea, through planning right up to delivery, this has been an incredible project that has delivered excellent results for Lucozade Sport. The consumer experience, the PR generated and the social content created and brand ambassador use, shows a thoroughly well thought out, integrated experience across all platforms.”

Lucozade Sport lab conditions booking interface
Lucozade Sport lab conditions booking interface tablet view
Lucozade Sport lab conditions booking mock-up