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We worked with Money Advice Service to develop a product that enables users to monitor their spending habits.

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Meeting a real world need

The Money Advice Service (MAS) is a government initiative providing free and impartial advice to those in precarious financial situations. It identified that a large proportion of the population, primarily middle-income families, could be vulnerable to financial difficulty were they to receive any unexpected financial shocks.

MAS had already developed a low-fidelity prototype designed to help users save on their monthly expenditure and mediate the risk of financial shock. It knew that there was a real world need for the service but were unsure whether their product was ready for market so they approached to help validate their prototype.

Our approach

We began by conducting an expert review of the existing research and prototype as well as other money saving apps and services. We knew there was a gap in the market for a tool that tracks spend and savings but importantly, it would need to help people make acceptable trade-offs between living life today and planning for a better tomorrow.

My Money research hackathon


Storyboarding with pen drawn sketches

Having reflected on our findings we saw an opportunity to do some divergent thinking. We wanted to work collaboratively with all parties involved in the project including the research, product and branding teams and arranged a two-day hackathon in our London office. The hackathon succeeded in generating a range of concepts and ideas to take forward into the design sprints.

The right minds and tools

By gathering key project stakeholders we were able to produce a wealth of thinking and arrive at a solution all within the space of two days.

The win/win

We created a platform that enables ‘at risk’ consumers to make better financial decisions. We also laid the the foundations for MAS's long-term business objective of creating strategic e-commerce partnerships to support consumers.

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