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We designed a new digital shopping experience for Sage that simplified the sales process for a complex range of enterprise software packages.

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A digital-centric strategy

Sage is a world leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, servicing over 6 million business customers world wide. It offers an array of products to satisfy a wide range of business needs. In the last five years Sage has found itself competing with new software providers offering low cost, Cloud based, self serve packages targeted at small-to-medium size enterprises; Sage’s key target market for growth.

In this crowded and competitive market, Sage recognised that it needed to optimise its sales channels and put digital at the centre of its sales strategy. The challenge lay in how a complex product offering could be matched effectively to a diverse range of customer needs in a digital experience that would drive purchase conviction.

Our process

Customer journey mapping enabled us to hone in on the pain points typically experienced by customers as they researched, compared and bought enterprise software applications. At heart, customers were confused. They began the process of evaluating products with questions they needed answers to, but their shopping experience resulted in more questions than answers and as a result they lacked the confidence to execute a purchase.

Sage design wireframes

‘Simplicity’ and ‘Findability’ became important guiding principles as we moved into the process of creating initial design concepts. An important area of focus was developing design features that solved what we termed as ‘the self identification gap’; a prevalent issue, signifcantly impacting on purchase conviction, which resulted from content being poorly targeted towards specifc customer types with specific needs.

We took these design concepts forward in weekly design sprints, using rapid iterative testing with customers to incrementally evolve our thinking. Once we had arrived at fully tested design concepts we ramped up the fidelity and produced a design framework containing consistent interaction patterns for desktop and mobile platforms that could be taken through to build.

Sage mock-up screens

The work

We designed an online sales experience that empowers customers to make autonomous buying decisions by building buyer confidence through effective matching of products with customer needs.

The Win/Win

We have designed a new shopping experience for Sage that is matched to the mental model of customers searching for enterprise software products. In creating a design solution that prioritises ‘simplicity and findability’ we have alleviated the major pain points for customers within the shopping process and optimised Sage’s digital channel for maximum sales conversion.

The results

The new responsive site has moved from a confusing product based navigation to a simpler needs based navigation; surfacing relevant information at the right time in the process to give customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Sage software solutions for business deliverable mobile view