KiTTi App

We worked with the Santander Innovation team on an app designed to help groups of people manage money using a digital cash kitty.

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An old problem solved

Digital devices and apps are transforming the way people use money. Today users have more control over their finances than ever before. They are able to access money, move it and spend it with just a few swipes on their mobile device. But aside from standard banking what other mobile services would customers expect from Santander?

Having already developed a range of other mobile payment services, the Innovations team turned its attention to delivering a truly unique savings proposition for UK customers. They developed a digital version of the traditional cash kitty that would enable collective saving and money management in the form of an app called KiTTi.

The process

We began by lifting the lid on the world of traditional cash kittys and developed an opportunties matrix to document all of the possible use groups and scenarios for collective saving today. We wanted to understand who was using kittys and why? How were they collected and organised? How were they used? Who controlled them? And what problems people encountered with them?

Going out on the streets in London and Brighton we engaged with groups of holiday makers at railway stations, groups in pubs and clubs and interviewed them on how their party was organising their collective funds.

We also took the opportunity to gauge reactions to the KiTTi proposition in order to see how easy it was to understand and how it was received. Having conducted more than 40 of these guerrilla interviews we then undertook a further twelve depth interviews in our research labs to investigate usage of the KiTTI app in detail.

Santander Kitti research interview process

Our research enabled us to build on the opportunities matrix, adding previously unconsidered user groups and scenarios such as young mums and people living in shared accommodation. We were also able to identify potential barriers to use with the current KiTTI service and offer Santander advice on how it could increase uptake of the service.

Kitti application usage on mobile

Increased uptake

Our insights provided the basis for developing a roadmap for future releases which would roll out high value enhancements to the KiTTi app.

The outcome

Cash kittys are often difficult and stressful to organise and use. Santander’s KiTTi app offers an opportunity for collective funds to be managed in a unique new way that dispenses the need for managing and handling cash as a group. It is a service which meets a real world customer need in a new and much improved way.