We created a vision and roadmap for Shell Commercial Fleet that helped them transform the experience they delivered to their global customers.

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Transforming a global service

Commercial Fleet is Shell's business-to-business division and harnesses one of the largest retail networks in the world, including 44,000 sites in 34 countries. The service is used by businesses who have fleets of vehicles travelling large distances such as logistics companies, construction, bus and coach companies, operational fleets and corporate valets. The Commercial Fleet team ensure that everything relating to fleet vehicle payments is secure and cashless, from fuel to toll payments and parking.

In 2014 Shell saw that customer satisfaction scores had plateaued. Noticing a strong correlation between Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and bottom line results Shell made a commitment to create real change in the way they thought about and delivered customer experience. The team approached us to help them create a vision for superior customer experience for their Commercial Fleet customers.

Our approach

Our strategy began by identifying four things we wanted to focus on: understand the current state of the experience; agree on our intent; focus our efforts; and make it happen. 

We then needed to engage the front line, and brought all the cross functional Shell teams together including sales, credit and marketing. We then ran a series of workshops in Hong Kong, Warsaw and London where we mapped what it was like to be a Commercial Fleet customer.

We then moved on to customer segmentation, validating the roles that Commercial Fleet users had within their organisations and our personas and customer journey map. We shared this with the leadership team in a collaborative workshop, encouraging them to look at the process and start thinking in terms of where we could make a difference to the customer. Then together we developed a description of how we wanted the commercial fleet customer to feel.

This vision and strategy was taken into the five priority work streams, which looked to tackle some of the customers biggest pain points. We continued to consult and advise these work streams using the vision and strategy we created. These work streams were the start of Commercial Fleet's journey to improve the customer experience.

Shell deliverable mock-up for customers

Experience dashboards

Along with user journeys and customer personas these helped everyone involved in the programme to stay focussed on what ‘good’ would look like for the customer, even when business and technology challenges emerged.

The results

Since the programme was rolled out the performance improvements have been staggering. The project succeeded in transforming the culture and practices of Commercial Fleet, engraining new ways of working which keep the customer at the heart of the business.