We embarked on a journey with Shell to transform the customer experience of its Global Commercial platform.

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Transforming a global marketplace

Shell Global Commercial, is the B2B division selling fuels and lubricants to businesses in aviation, marine and construction. Over the years, Shell's online offering had become increasingly complex as it attempted to serve a disparate global customer base.

Shell approached us because it needed to consolidate numerous content and order management portals into a single new digital platform, creating a more coherent, personal and valuable customer experience for tens of thousands of business customers and partners around the world.

Our approach

In order to help us understand the customer experience, together with Shell, we purpose built a global research panel of +60 current users, allowing us to unveil vital insights about the experience. 

Our user research cut through the complexity, categorising +7000 customers of this system to one of six core functions, which described the role and duties Shell Global Commercial customers performed. By looking beyond the formal structures we realised that most people fall into some very simple roles that have consistent needs from the website.

Shell office environment
Shell Commercial Fleet customer map

Stripping back the formal job titles and divisional structures of Shell customers allowed us to focus on their motivations. This provided us with the insight necessary to develop the design approach for a new, global, single source B2B e-commerce site for Shell Global Commercial.

The success of this project hinged on creating a clear, shared vision for the customer experience we were trying to build. Early customer research and business requirements gathering informed this, and we were able to create a vivid picture of the target experience.

From the earliest design concepts, through interaction design and into the detailed visual design we conducted user research to check back with customers and keep the design solution on track. This included research as far afield as China, Russia and the USA.

Shell market-hub design deliverable on a iPad

The results

The user feedback has been excellent, with Distributor users calling Shell MarketHub, “the perfect place for entrepreneurs of the new millennium,” and “an essential tool for the development of the brand in the territory.”

Global distributors served by Shell MarketHub
Q1 saving in marketing and communications costs