We helped Sony Network Entertainment expand its position within the home entertainment market by reimagining their video on demand service.

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A console for more than gaming

With more than 30 million units sold within the first two years of its release, the PlayStation 4 has proven to be the console of choice for this generation of gamers. The console's success has presented Sony with a huge opportunity to capitalise on its standing within the home entertainment market by optimising the video on demand service provided by the console.

How could Sony get more people thinking about the PlayStation console when it came to choosing content to watch? And what could they do to ensure that once they started thinking of the console they would be convinced to use it for viewing? Sony Network Entertainment asked us to help answer these questions.

The process

During the diary study respondents were tasked with continuously updating us via WhatsApp or email every time they engaged in activities related to choosing or watching video content. Our respondents were also given a variety of daily tasks including prompts to search for and use various video-on-demand services with questionnaires to complete afterwards.

Sony Playstation research evaluation process

We then conducted lab-based interviews with 12 of the most engaged users from the diary study in each country, to clarify and build on their diary study entries. In our lab research we put the PlayStation Store through its paces on the PS4 console, assessing how it compared with other leading video providers as users searched for and engaged with video content.

User experience persona mapping for Playstation
Sony playstation entertainment dashboard open in a lounge environment

The work

Using the insights from both phases of research we developed a high-fidelity interactive prototype featuring new optimised journeys through the PlayStation Store. The new journeys presented the Store’s video content in a much more engaging and accessible way alongside improved content information to help people choose videos with ease.

The outcome

By redesigning the journeys through the PlayStation Store on the console and improving the merchandising of the content, Sony Network Entertainment can now offer its users a superior home entertainment experience. The process of locating and engaging with video content is more accessible allowing Sony to deepen its relationship with PS4 users.

Increased engagement

The implementation of our key recommendations has lead to an impressive increase in the number of people entering the Store. We are continuing to work with Sony on its video roadmap in order to optimise the performance of the PlayStation Store.