Creating an
immersive online

We created an immersive online experience for Suzuki Bikes that draws the bike buyer’s attention. Website leads are up 48% year-on-year since launch.

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Bringing the showroom online

Suzuki are leading the way in the bikes sector. Creating an effective way to display their product range digitally was necessary due to the competitive nature of the market and the increase in customer expectations.

The research we conducted indicated that emotion plays an important part in the bike buying process, opposed to the necessity common to car buying. This is because people invest a lot of time, money and effort into finding the right bike. Incorporating this element into the design process was crucial to its success.

Research with casual bike buyers and bike enthusiasts revealed key differences in purchasing behaviour. Casual buyers wanted to easily compare core specifications, while bike enthusiasts wanted richer content. We developed expandable panels and overlays so the user can take control of their journey to discover and learn at their own pace.

We delivered an immersive experience that brought the physicality of Suzuki’s bike range to life on a digital medium, resulting in an increase of 100% test ride requests, whilst website leads are up by 48% year-on-year.

Conveying excitement through design

Designer sketching out Suzuki bike wireframes

The research we conducted made evident that the need for strong visuals was necessary for the digital part of the bike buying process.

To address the importance of visual stimuli for everyday and casual customers we created 360º images of each bike, close-ups and full bleed video. These two elements immerse the user in the buying process by clearly displaying the physical components of the bikes from every angle.

Typography was an important element of our design. We used emboldened and italicised text, coupled with strong editorial copy to reflect the passion we’d seen motorcycle users display during the research process. 

Creating a design identity

The Suzuki bikes website redesign was part of a larger Suzuki programme where we transformed the MotorcyclesCarsMarine and ATV websites. We created a single set of customer experience principles, design guidelines, and digital assets for administering all products on a single platform. We helped strengthen the familiar feel of Suzuki’s digital offerings while providing Suzuki Bikes with its own, unique design identity with specific assets to accommodate the nuances of the motorcycle buying process.

Addressing customers leaving the online portion of the sales journey was key across each of the above websites. As a result, we inserted a call to action ‘Book a Test Ride’ which connects all stages of the sales journey - from digital offering to dealership. Importantly, this adds a new dimension to the sales journey by strengthening the emotional attachment customers’ have with the product and brand.  

Suzuki bikes project immersion
Suzuki deliverable spread across four iPads

Immersive Online Experience

"Since launch we’ve received positive feedback on the immersive online experience of our bikes website. It allows customers to get closer than ever to our bikes online and lets us show them off in an exciting and dynamic way. The approach we took with Foolproof, building customer insight into the design process, means that we were able to launch with confidence and that has been reflected in the website performance since." Rob Cooper, Marketing Manager, Motorcycle Division.

Suzuki Bikes test ride deliverable