Enhancing the
car buying experience

Our complete redesign and rebuild of the Suzuki cars website powered by insight, gives customers a fully responsive experience to confidently purchase from a Suzuki dealer.

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cars.suzuki.co.uk redesign

The redesign of cars.suzuki.co.uk built on an earlier project where we carried out research to better understand what customers expected from the car buying journey and to inform design recommendations to present to stakeholders.

Customers want tools which make it easy for them to find and compare models and features, to feel well-informed when they enter a sales conversation with a dealer and therefore to feel more in control during the buying process.

Helping customers make better decisions

Using a variety of user research methods with Suzuki customers, dealers and staff we identified key features to facilitate better decision-making for customers.

One of these features helps customers overcome one of the more common challenges online: distinguishing how big a vehicle is in relation to another vehicle.

By using easily comparable images, with additional information such as number of doors and price, we found that customers could much more quickly narrow down their choices and find the car that was right for their needs.

Initial concepts from the Suzuki website redesign
Post-it notes and sketches on the wall of the Suzuki project room

Customers also find it difficult to understand the value of buying a more expensive version of their chosen car when online. Most websites display this information over multiple pages, or feature lists, which makes it difficult to make comparisons easily. We implemented the ability to make comparisons side-by-side that visually differentiates which key features become available as the price increases.

We also solved the design challenge that many car sites have, which is over complicated car configurators that aren’t linked in any way to the next step in the sales process. By adding a “Send to Dealer” button Suzuki customers can send their tailored choice of car to a local dealer and to also arrange a meeting, creating a seamless customer journey from online to offline.

four screens from the Suzuki website displayed on tablet

Beyond expectations

“Never have I had so many positive comments about how fantastic our new website looks and works! The end product is beyond our expectations and offers our consumers the ultimate website experience thanks to the continual test and learn approach throughout the design process and collaborative working approach.” Kate Palmer, Suzuki Digital Manager, Automobile Division

Screenshot of the Suzuki website on desktop