We worked with The New Paper to create a web experience for both loyal newspaper subscribers and digitally-savvy young readers.

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The opportunity

The New Paper is a Singaporean news publication loved for its focus on sports and people stories, with a local flavour. As readers move online, they recognised that the news site needed to connect with digitally-savvy young readers while not alienating loyal readers. To accurately position the publication’s heartland content for both sets of readers, our goal was to communicate boldness and familiarity while shifting away from a tabloid perception.

There was also the opportunity to digitally represent its creative layout in print and draw attention to exclusive online content. To achieve these goals, we worked closely with stakeholders across different units within the news organisation to understand their process and requirements, as well as conducting research with readers to understand their requirements better.

The work

The newsroom is primarily set up for print, depending on a small digital team to publish those stories on the website. For the new site to be sustainable, we need to take into consideration established technology systems and ways of working. We collaborated with the digital team in 4 x 2-week sprints and involved the wider team by actively sharing progress through debriefs and a project room in the client’s office. Early rounds of stakeholder interviews and shadowing provided a foundation for design sprints. 

Stakeholder on boarding in the design process
Examples taken from The New Paper to help plan the new journey

This collaboration enabled visual design and page elements to be iterated with consistent input from the newsroom, sales, tech and readers, resulting in a website designed to their unique content, business and technical specifications. Through findings from stakeholder research, The New Paper team also discovered opportunities for optimising internal processes and resources for a more digitally-focused newsroom. This led to a journey mapping project with the Sports desk, conducted in tandem with the website redesign.

The New Paper mobile deliverable being viewed by a user

The outcome

An easy to implement modular design of the website with more structured content inventory. Internal alignment as a result of heavy collaboration with stakeholders across the organization and the initiation of the publication’s metadata tagging system.

The New Paper desktop deliverable
The New Paper mobile deliverable