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TSB picked Foolproof to lead the design of its website because they saw an opportunity to bring its distinctive brand positioning to life.

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The highest standards of user experience

TSB wanted to maximise the impact of their new brand identity to help them differentiate in a crowded sector. But they realised being different for its own sake is risky. The challenge was to create a distinctive visual style and tone-of-voice whilst at the same time providing a simple, intuitive and very usable customer experience across all devices.

The project objectives included: creating a coherent multi-device experience through responsive design; apply TSB’s new brand identity into digital channels; and radically reduce the amount of content – much of which wasn’t adding to the user’s experience and created a high content management overhead.

The process

We followed an evidence-based design approach gathering ideas and insight from the TSB digital team, TSB customers, and the brand agency into the design process. Early rounds of user research confirmed that people find it difficult to differentiate between banks, and banking products. “Banks are just somewhere to put my money. They’re all the same”, said one respondent.

Gathering feedback from both customers and the client as we went, we then moved through a clickable prototype and into the detail of interaction design for desktop, tablet and mobile. As well as creating the visual design layer and iconography we also developed extensive visual design guidelines which would allow TSB to maintain and extend the experience over time.

Collected iconography elements from TSB project design

Building on the success

Soon after the completion of the initial project, TSB asked us to again apply our evidence-based design approach to optimise the performance of twelve business-critical areas of the site. Our objectives were: to deliver a world-class customer experience across all channels; to make products easier to understand and buy; reduce reliance on telephony; and better communicate the product and service offering of the TSB brand.

We created a four-week agile sprint structure. Each followed the same structure: planning and immersion; sketching and prototyping; iterative design, stakeholder reviews; user depth interviews; daily touch points and front-end development.

TSB wireframes, journey maps with a male and female discussing them


Since the sprints went live TSB has recorded:

Increase in applications started
Increase in application conversion
£13.3 million
Five-year annual sales projection

The win/win

“Given the short timescales we set ourselves, the design process had to be both nimble and collaborative. From initial workshops to set the vision, through to the co-location of our project rooms and open invitations to view the research, we wanted to ensure everyone had a common understanding of what our customers wanted and needed from the new website. The result is a digital experience which places our customers’ needs right at the heart of what we do.” - Lorraine Donnington Head of UX at TSB

TSB landing page with cartoon illustration and welcome message
TSB landing page with cartoon illustration and welcome message