Good research enables great design

Because insight is central to our design approach we have a research team which is one of the biggest and smartest in any agency in our field. We use the widest possible set of research tools and techniques to bring the customer into the design process.

Formative research

At the early stages of experience design you need research and data which help you open up the problem space. At this point we need to understand the marketplace we’re working in, discover the user’s context and uncover the needs, preferences and expectations of the people we are designing for.

We always try to triangulate a number of sources of data and insight to understand a design problem and generate ideas for how to solve it. Within our research practice we have people who can deep-dive with customers through ethnography and also specialists in making sense of large data sets.

Often we will rarefy our formative research into tools like personas, scenarios and journey maps which help everyone understand the starting point for design. We can also start to share and develop initial ideas and interaction concepts with target users, making sure that early ideas are exposed to the real world as soon as possible.

Evaluative research

As the user experience starts to take shape we iterate design through regular user research events. Lab-based and remote depths are the workhorse of validation research and we use them for developing IA right through to late-stage usability testing and refining the visual design. We also like to take working prototypes out into the field to assess them in the user’s world.

We have comfortable viewing facilities and we routinely conduct research across the huge range of devices and browsers which have proliferated in recent years. We can mobilise user research pretty much anywhere on the planet. Whatever we need to test, however we need to test it, we can get the user insight we need to perfect the design.

Tuning the experience in market

To make digital products and services with a compelling user experience you need a fine eye for detail. This skill makes us very effective at finding and fixing problems in existing sales journeys.

Conversion optimisation is an integral part of experience design. It is a way to perfect and maintain a user experience for sustainable competitive advantage. Our experience will help you understand the potential trade-offs between short-term gains and long-term value. This stops optimisation being a race-to-the-bottom on customer experience, and instead a path to higher satisfaction scores and commercial yield.

If you’d like to get deeper into your customer’s world to inform better design decisions, please start a conversation with us about research.

Our other practices

Research is just one part of what we do. Explore our other practices, or see how we weave it all together in How we work.