Creative Technology

Our creative technology studio is garlanded with awards because it finds ways to use emerging technologies to solve today’s customer experience challenges.

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Bridging the digital & physical worlds

If the last twenty years have been about building and optimising web and mobile platforms, the next decade is going to be about linking the digital and physical worlds. Compelling customer experience needs seamless, frictionless interplay between service channels.

Internet-connected devices and sensors can get data and content to the right place, at the right moment, in order to influence the quality and outcome of customer interactions.

Creative Tech Bleed 1600

Deepen customer engagement

Connected experience isn’t just more useful and relevant for customers, it can also create moments of magic which differentiate the brand and signal the company’s focus on its customers. Brilliant execution drives deeper engagement and advocacy – not because customers marvel at novel technology, but because it removes old pain-points and addresses real needs.

Prototype the future

Our creative technology studio, has the tools and experience to make stable, working prototypes of innovative new experiences. These allow business stakeholders and customers to use and understand the concept. A working prototype is a solid platform for assessing business case, technical feasibility and how to tune the user experience on the path to market.

The work

Some examples of how creative technology has created value for our clients and their customers.

Creative Tech Award 1600

Our thoughts on emerging technologies

We have one of the most experienced creative technology teams in the world. These are their thoughts from the frontiers of technology and innovation.

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