User experience design across Asia

With growing interest in user experience across the region, our team frequently conducts design research in Asia. From Singapore, it’s easy for us to organise fieldwork in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Anywhere you have target customers, we can gather insight.

Our Singapore office includes a research lab with an interview room as well as a viewing room where clients can watch participants in comfort. The lab is set up to conduct user research activities such as interviews, website and mobile usability testing, focus groups and cardsorting.

Experience design

Good insight leads to powerful, effective design. We offer interaction design and visual design services that create satisfied, engaged customers. Whether you ask us to review a sales process or a complex digital service we can get impressive results for your organisation.

Around the world, around the clock

As a world leader in user experience design, Foolproof works with major brands across the planet. With over a hundred people in Asia and Europe we can work around the clock when project deadlines demand it. This collaboration helps global brands like HSBC, Unilever and Shell create global products and services which work brilliantly in each different market.

We work hard, but place a big emphasis on collaboration and communication. Our clients value us not just because we get results, but also because they feel included in the process. It’s more fun when we find and solve design problems together.

The UX community in Singapore

We are proud to be part of the growing user experience community in Singapore. Demand for people with user research and design skills exceeds supply, so we know we have to be active in sharing knowledge and developing new talent.

Our practitioners help to organise the UXSG meet-ups and conference and the team can be found at various events and meet-ups.  Follow what we're up to on Twitter - @foolproof_ux or take a look at our job opportunities if you're interested in joining our team. Do say hello, we'd love to meet you.