Amy Harris

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, I am responsible for building and maintaining strong client relationships. I believe that strong communication is essential to my role, as this ensures that all live projects are delivered on time and meet client expectations by producing great work, which makes a positive impact on both the client’s business and their customers.

To achieve this, it’s vital to get under the skin of my clients' business. I love to deep dive into my clients' industry to really understand their challenges, objectives and business goals. This helps me to identify opportunities to provide creative solutions and fresh approaches to the problems they are experiencing.

The best thing about working at Foolproof is the collaborative ways of working with the internal teams. This has strengthened my UX design knowledge because, on a daily basis, I get to work closely with Designers, Principal Consultants and Strategists.

I relish being part of the project and delivery team and make sure I’m answering the client’s brief by really understanding their motivations for initiating projects and fully understanding their scope. Once I understand their scope, it’s my responsibility to create deliverables such as proposals, statements of work, tender response documents, and pitch presentations. Once projects are live, I take overall responsibility for the project and ensure that all deliverables meet our clients' requirements and objectives as well as maintaining the relationship post-launch.

I love building client relationships and have been working in client facing roles for over ten years, all in the digital space. These have ranged from mobile innovation technology, to digital and affiliate marketing. In my previous role, I was a Client Services Manager and lead the client services team at a mobile location intelligence company. In the past, I've worked with the UK's leading OOH media specialist and with other big brands in sectors such as retail, soft drinks, cars, travel, betting, luxury and mobile networks to name just a few.

Outside of work you can find me in the gym most mornings before work. So, yes, I am very much an early morning person... I am very active, I enjoy running, cycling, weight training, yoga, swimming, snowboarding in the Austrian mountains, visiting and exploring countries far and wide as well as walking along the North Norfolk coast.

I’ve always had a passion for sport and that’s the main reason why I obtained a BA in Leisure and Sport Management at Leeds Metropolitan University. I also LOVE eating food (hence being so active). I also enjoy drinking lots of gin or prosecco with my friends, hosting dinner parties, interior design, watching the latest boxset or movie and reading psychological thrillers!

"The best thing about working at Foolproof is the collaborative ways of working with the internal teams."

Client services

Based in the UK