Chris Robinson

3D Visualiser

As a 3D visualiser I oversee the physical and concept design work here at Foolproof, and deal with all manner of spatial planning, proof of concept, and visualisation. As a Studio, we take every aspect of design seriously, and being able to deal with a mixture of digital and physical design helps us to deliver experiences that exist on screen, in the home, or at the heart of the commercial, financial or retail environment. 

Our work can be a complicated mixture of 3D design, electronics, construction, CNC manufacturing, rapid prototyping, interface design, UX… the list goes on. Throughout my career, I have gained the skills to design and visualise our ideas, and to manage the physical production that carries these projects forward.

My career path to date has been varied - it has not necessarily been the straightest, the most logical, or indeed the easiest to travel. Qualifying as a valuer of fine art, before training to be an architect, and then heading up design teams in landscape design, print, web and creative technology, may seem like a disjointed or, at best, spasmodic route. It has, however, given me a firm grounding in many aspects of planning, design and production - which is proving an ideal match for the work we undertake.

I have always enjoyed the high-pressure environment created within close-knit teams, working to tight deadlines and producing quality work. I found myself in a visualisation and masterplanning team as a graduate, and would soon be presenting my designs to planning authorities, clients and local communities - it was nerve-wracking stuff, but always good fun with high levels of creativity.

In my current role, I get exactly the same buzz, with a team of people who are able to design and build ground-breaking work, and yet we all rely on the same ability to think outside of the box, and to maintain close working relationships. Creativity isn’t something you can learn from a single book, or degree course - it is something that you evolve as you grow, so maybe the varied career path has paid off?

When I’m allowed to go home, I am an avid collector of everything - from books and vintage bicycles, to guitars, cameras and cars. I enjoy photography, painting, playing and making music, and spending time with my wife and three children. I can often be found hiding in my shed, pretending to fix something while listening to classic 1950s American music.

Chris Robinson, Head of Design, Knit
"Creativity isn’t something you can learn from a single book, or degree course - it is something that you evolve as you grow."


Based in the UK