Chris Spalton

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, I work closely with our project teams & clients, to deliver a range of experience design programmes. My favourite part of any project is when all the research, ideas, sketching and prototyping finally ‘clicks’ and we’ve identified a clear path to delivering a useful and engaging solution.

I’ve had a varied background working client-side within the insurance industry on a wide range of products, building up skills in a number of areas from user research, design and development. However, the one thing that has always interested and driven me forward is the desire to deliver something that can make any customer interaction with a company as painless, enjoyable and as efficient as possible for all parties involved. Foolproof is the perfect place to allow me to do that, working amongst colleagues that feel as passionately about delivering the win/win as I do.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m a huge Visual Thinking evangelist. Since practicing visual thinking and doodling seriously over the last few years I learned the value it offers in developing skills in perception, listening and understanding to a level I had no idea previously possible. I love the way even just a simple sketch can help communicate an idea, build engagement, and clarify complex subjects. I regularly sketchnote at conferences; drawing and sketching my thoughts to aid my design thinking.

Even in our digital age there is a real need to communicate ideas clearly and rapidly. As a result a ‘Doodle Revolution’ is brewing as more and more companies get on board with the idea and I’m proud to be a vocal supporter of the benefits it offers.

I’m a huge fan of networking, and go to as many meetups and conferences as I possibly can (with pen and paper in hand to sketchnote!) as well as enjoying the benefits of making connections with people all around the world on Twitter. I’m also the Norwich organiser for a global meetup with the mission statement of ‘connecting people through the fun of drawing together’.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to find me either being crushed by gigantic riffs at various music venues/festivals, or on the flipside, enjoying the tranquillity of long walks through the lovely Norfolk countryside with my far better half.

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"I’m a huge fan of networking, and go to as many meetups and conferences as I possibly can"

How dual research facilitates deeper UX insights

By Chris Spalton


Based in the UK