Elley Jones

Senior Practitioner

I have always been interested in understanding how things work and how people’s lives can be improved through appropriate technology.

I therefore chose to do a degree in Engineering Design with a Specialism in Computer Science, but it was during my sandwich year at HP Lab’s technology and lifestyle integration department that I realised the true importance of user research and that I wanted to pursue a career in UX.

I always enjoy learning about and applying psychological principles, such as social norms and persuasive design, to projects I work on. One of my favourites was the development of a home electricity monitoring system for children to promote behavioural change through effective visualisation of information.

My career highlights so far include presenting my research on accelerometer-based gestural text entry systems at CHI 2010, developing GPS based virtual reality games and patenting my safety-warning device for the elderly.

The great thing about working for Foolproof is being exposed to such a diverse set of industry sectors, products and platforms. I love to get stuck into learning all about our clients’ customers and what makes them tick.

Outside of work I enjoy doing practically anything active particularly when I can combine it with exploring naturally stunning surroundings from hiking up mountains to snowboarding on pristine pistes and more recently savouring the taste of the ocean as I attempt to learn how to kite surf!

On Saturday mornings you will usually find me legging it up and down a hockey pitch.

Elley talking through insights in a war room
Elley Jones

Consultant team

Based in the UK

"I love to get stuck into learning all about our clients’ customers and what makes them tick."