Hannah Hollis

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Foolproof, I’m responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with Foolproof’s clients. I enjoy getting to know our client’s business, their values, the challenges that they face and working to uncover how we can produce forward-thinking and impactful work together. I’m a big endorser of a ‘one-team’ approach and believe that real collaboration and communication is the key to success. 

After graduating with a degree in English & American Literature, I spent my post-university years working in advertising, gaining both agency and in-house experience. Before joining Foolproof I worked as the Digital Project Manager within Specsavers’ in-house creative department, managing the creation of digital advertising campaigns, web optimisation, TV ads and viral video production which bore my love for all things digital and piqued my interest in UX.

Whilst much of my experience has been in web projects, I’m particularly engrossed in following the expanding world of wearable tech and how it will continue to impact human behaviour, particularly in the health industry. The popularity of fitness trackers in recent years signals just the beginning – I can’t wait to see the creative ways in which tech could provide us with extraordinarily comprehensive physiological data, (for example, a ‘tattoo’ for diabetics that monitors blood sugar levels) and the impact this will have on both the industry and wider society. It’s a testament to how technology is reshaping human behaviour, which is a concept that I find utterly fascinating.

Once out of the office, I’ll immediately be lacing up my trainers and will be training, or on the lookout, for the next fitness challenge with which I can test my body (and sanity!) to the limits. If I’m not running, boxing, skiing or powerlifting then I’ll probably be cooking up the weight’s equivalent in brunch. Don’t be fooled; all this physical activity is purely to compensate for the gratuitous amount of food that I like to cook. 

Hannah Hollis, Account Executive
"I’m a big endorser of a ‘one-team’ approach and believe that real collaboration and communication is the key to success."

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