Jasmine Tan


My first interactive media design class at the National University of Singapore exposed me to the term User-Centred Design (UCD). After rounds of user research and iterations, my group came up with our final prototype of a task management mobile app.

It was far from pretty and neither was it revolutionary, but we revised our design after user research so that the app solved our target users’ problems more effectively. That eureka moment in the design process – where user research was so important – led me to fall in love with user experience design.

I have taken up other UCD modules in my Communications and New Media degree programme and was involved in designing various apps centered on team communication, location-based heritage trails and visitors’ experience at museums. Foolproof’s vision and enthusiasm in UX has greatly inspired me and I’m very thankful and excited to be part of the team. I can’t wait to start learning from the talented people around me!

My goal is to create user interfaces that even my mother can learn how to use in minutes. I have observed how technology has benefitted her and my ten aunts who live in Malaysia – sharing selfies and connecting over Facebook is now their favourite pastime. However, they are still struggling with app interfaces that have neglected the elderly and uneducated, and I hope that I will be able to improve this in future.

Outside of school and work, you will find me in the kitchen - cooking and eating are my favourite things to do. I also enjoy watching comedies, people-watching, reading magazines and visiting art exhibitions.