Joe Duffy

Account Executive

Communication is at the heart of my role. Whether that be discussing ideas for thought pieces with members of our studio, or live tweeting from a European conference, I am in a constant dialogue with the business and our community.

It’s a unique position to be in. I liaise with all departments within Foolproof from New Business, Client Services, the Studio and HR to ensure that the content we share is heard at the right time and by the right people.

Our primary communication channel is the Foolproof blog which I help manage and curate. Maintaining a regular publishing schedule requires a healthy content pipeline, which I closely monitor to ensure what we release is timely and relevant to our audience.

I also help look after our social channels, monitoring the Twittersphere for interesting articles, building our professional network on LinkedIn and sharing pictures of our latest social event on Facebook and Instagram.

One of the aspects I most enjoy about my work is the research I do into emerging trends. I constantly keep an eye on the evolving tech landscape, identifying opportunities for commentary and blog articles as well as regularly attending MeetUp groups in the Shoreditch area and beyond, to keep myself up-to-date with the exciting things happening in the start-up community.

I’m particularly interested in the retail experience and exploring the potential that digital, and especially mobile and near-field communications, has for transforming the customer experience.

Prior to joining Foolproof I spent a year in San Francisco as part of my undergraduate degree where I wrote and produced shows for local radio stations as well as organising and promoting events for an independent record label.

When I’m not in the office I’m immersed in the latest HBO series, watching the mighty Manchester United or running around my local common.

Joe Duffy - Marketing Assistant
"I constantly keep an eye on the evolving tech landscape, identifying opportunities for commentary and blog articles"

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