Joe Duffy

Account Manager

As an Account Manager it is my job to understand my clients’ business objectives and scope out projects and programmes which help them achieve these. I am responsible for ensuring that we deliver an exceptional client experience, by answering our client’s briefs and delivering projects on time and within budget. Understanding customer needs, motivations and behaviours is central to the services we offer at Foolproof but it is also critical to building successful working relationships.

I work on the largest accounts at Foolproof, managing a global design research programme for one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. I have extensive experience working in the financial services sector and have managed projects involving a variety of products from retail banking through to innovative proof-of-concepts and private banking applications.

It is a fascinating time to work with financial service providers as the industry is changing so rapidly. Customer expectations are changing, and it is our duty to help our clients maintain this pace by adapting to their needs.

Alongside the portfolio Account Director, I ensure our pipeline is accurate and reflective of the opportunities and conversations which are happening across the account. I also work closely with our Project Managers and resourcing team to ensure we can mobilise on these opportunities quickly. Throughout a project lifecycle I work closely with our Strategy and Insights team to brief them on the clients’ objectives, map out the project activities and ensure what we deliver meets their requirements.

I am particularly interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency and have recently been working on a project for a sustainable housing start up. I firmly believe that the blockchain, like the internet, will transform our lives in ways we haven’t yet imagined; I also believe that properly executed user-centred design will be the difference between the success and failure of many emerging blockchain start-ups.

I began my life at Foolproof in the Marketing team via a graduate internship programme. Working in Marketing gave me access to all areas of the business. It allowed me to hone my communication skills and gave me a solid grounding in the theory and language of experience design. After two fantastic years I decided I wanted to put this theory into practice and moved into client services.

Outside of work I enjoy playing (and watching) football, running, playing records in my bedroom and binge watching whatever TV series I’ve become hooked on.

"Customer expectations are changing, and it is our duty to help our clients maintain this pace by adapting to their needs."

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