Jon Gibson

Senior Designer

My expertise lies in the creation of design systems and visual languages. At work, I look to understand brands and enjoy applying them to multi-faceted user interfaces. I’m also a visual design and typographic buff who enjoys bringing finesse to our design deliverables.

I have a fascination with psychology and the study of the mind, especially as it pertains to communication. I believe in understanding the psychological and scientific aspect of design and how the mind interprets visual stimulus. Doing so enables me to create more objectively attractive and effective designs here at Foolproof.

I’m a passionate hobbyist type designer and a member of the typographic circle. I design and develop typefaces in my spare time, while also writing and talking on the subject. I take any opportunity to talk type, whether it’s the correct way to construct small caps to understanding the personality of a typeface.

As a self-made designer, I’ve built up my own degree in the form of hard work, personal study and years of practice. Over the last 10 years of designing for digital I’ve worked for many major commercial brands across the UK, as well as global sporting brands and institutions. I spent the last few years of my working life focussed on designing for TV, working with a host of broadcasters and content owners.

Outside of work I like to take a lot of photos, capturing interesting architecture, single point perspectives, and intriguing typography. I post it all on Instagram, alongside my digital illustration, animation and sports branding side projects. I’m a passionate fan of American sports and I play basketball as much as I can. You can find me on most social channels, frequently voicing my design, psychology and typographic related opinions.

"I have a fascination with psychology and the study of the mind, especially as it pertains to communication."

Branding in the digital age

By Jon Gibson


Based in the UK