Leslie Fountain

Executive Director (Practice)

As the Managing Director of Foolproof I have the luxury of combining my passion for human-centred design with helping some of the world’s biggest brands to solve complex design challenges, as well as leading and nurturing an international team containing some of the best talent in the industry.

I work with a visionary leadership team, ensuring we run the business responsibly so that we can invest in our people and achieve our vision to design experiences that positively impact millions of people around the world. I also work with our portfolio teams, delivering business transformation and innovation through insight-driven design. Most recently I’ve been working with one of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals to transform their digital thinking and business culture.

My professional expertise and formal training, MSc Human Factors and MBA, includes experience in strategy and planning; formative and summative design research; stakeholder engagement; agile design methodologies; service design and business development. I’m particularly interested and have expertise in the healthcare sector; exploring how digital and service design can optimise health care professional’s performance and patient outcomes.

Throughout my career I’ve learnt from and worked with inspirational leaders who, like me, are driven to push the boundaries of experience design and give back to the communities we’ve learnt from. I’m a regular speaker at industry events, sharing my stories in experience design, taking the human perspective, agile ways of working and leadership. I am a committee member of the Service Design Network’s UK Chapter and an active supporter of BIMA.

Before joining Foolproof I was the Joint Managing Director at System Concepts where I helped to build their UX team and worked with clients such as Amadeus, Microsoft and the New York Stock Exchange, using insight to re-design their services – both digitally and physically.

Outside of work I enjoy playing ice hockey (like a true Canadian), skiing, running, gardening and urban explorer. And all that activity means I can also enjoy culinary and wine experiences in equal measures.