Maria Rezende

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant at Foolproof, my job is to help our clients develop customer experiences that will positively impact people and businesses.

The focus of my practice lies in understanding users' needs and articulating them with business value and technological feasibility. I am also a strong advocate of lean approaches that can help multidisciplinary teams to work together and projects to move fast and effectively.

My day-to-day activities can vary greatly – from deeply immersing myself in the world of users, to helping clients uncover hidden opportunities.

I work closely together with consultants and designers to deliver great work, as well as with our client services team to understand our clients’ challenges and tailor the best approach to tackle them.

Before joining Foolproof, I worked for various different types of companies and even ran my own design consultancy. With over 10 years of experience in user research, service design and business innovation, I have worked for global clients from the Financial, Health, Public and Cultural sectors.

I am thrilled by the complexity of contemporary and paradoxical business challenges, and excel at engaging colleagues, clients and partners in the journey to simple, appealing and feasible solutions. 

Outside of work, I love the simple things of life: people, nature, music and food.

Maria Rezende, Senior Consultant
"I am thrilled by the complexity of contemporary and paradoxical business challenges."

Guerrilla research: quick, not dirty

By Maria Rezende


Based in the UK