Meriel Lenfestey


With over 25 years experience designing and advising on digital experiences, I am one of the original Experience Designers. I am proud to have played a key part in shaping the XD industry itself, the business world’s response to evolving digital opportunities, and the digital world we all live in.

I am a Director at Foolproof, but my day-to-day role is as Design Strategist. I work closely with our clients to ensure that the digital products and services they create have their customer at the heart, and are built on an experience strategy which will drive business, create brand loyalty and market differentiation.

This requires engagement with stakeholders at all levels, and across all disciplines. I am equally comfortable discussing a business plan, feeding into a marketing strategy, developing a service concept, refining a design, and working through a technical approach.

I believe that experience design thinking must be driven from the top of the organisation to drive the greatest benefits. As a qualified Director, and practising Non-exec Director of several firms across telecoms, energy and technology, I am able to weave customer centred thinking through all aspects of corporate governance.

My path to this role started in Information Design and Interaction Design (RCA) back in the early 1990s. Observing the successful relationship between research and design at Microsoft in Seattle led me to return to the UK, ahead of the digital boom, armed with new ways of thinking about, and practising design.

This was the founding principle behind Flow Interactive, which I founded in 1997, and grew to become a highly respected global UX agency employing nearly 60 people. Foolproof acquired Flow in 2011.

I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, and have two kids at secondary school. I’m an explorer at heart, whether it's trying new foods, learning new skills, travelling to new places, or understanding new ways of thinking. I’m not very good at sitting still!

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Project scoping
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Experience visioning and principles
  • Experience concepting
  • Service design Interaction design


Meriel at work
Meriel Lenfestey, Partner
"I believe that experience design thinking must be driven from the top of the organisation to drive the greatest benefits."

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