Pete Abbott


As a Designer at Foolproof my time is spent problem solving, grappling with complex systems and crafting bespoke visual designs. Working closely with consultants, developers and clients I help to realise concepts and ideas from project inception through to delivery.

Rapid and iterative design processes are key to the creation of a truly great product, to achieve the best results emphasis on fast prototyping is critical. Tools such as Framer, Origami studio and Principle allow me to create high fidelity interactive prototypes in a short amount of time. This enables us to challenge assumptions, test theories fast and ensure we arrive at the best possible user experience.

In my time here I have had the pleasure of working on some amazing Fintech propositions, an area currently ripe for disruption and innovation but also vastly challenging. Understanding the potential impact of Fintech as well as the power it has to shape behaviours for the better is a particular interest of mine.

When I’m not working on more traditional UX projects I spend much of time experimenting with Augmented Reality, a technology I believe as it matures is poised to bring about vast changes in the realm of human computer interaction.

Before joining Foolproof I graduated with a First-class degree in Graphic Communications from Norwich University of the Arts and before that trained as a chef.