Peter Ballard


I co-founded Foolproof back in 2002 with Tom, two laptops and a phone. Ten years on both Tom and Foolproof are still going strong, but sadly the laptops gave up long ago.

I have a simple outlook on my work: enjoy the people you work with, have fun but obsess about quality, and never forget who the customer is. This was partially shaped from my previous life, where I spent eight happy years in Virgin’s Financial Services businesses, heading up Marketing and launching and the Virgin Credit Card.

I’ve been interested in digital marketing ever since I first saw the word Yahoo!, and the pace at which we see genuine social change occur is inspiring. I can’t think of a better business sector to work in (I finally gave up my hopes of a career in the NBA when I turned 40!).

Outside of work, my time is mainly dedicated to perfecting my role as ‘embarrassing dad’ and migrating to sports that more become my age.