Rachel Buck

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is a varied role, which has given me the opportunity to combine a number of skills gained from other jobs. These include six years at a publishing house, understanding of ideation processes from working in an innovation team at Aviva, and studio management from full-service design agency Soup Digital.

Surprisingly, I even get to use my stage direction and choreography skills gained during my degree at DeMontfort uni, project managing and co-ordinating large teams of people to deliver content for our marketing outreach.

Working at Foolproof for five years has been nothing short of exciting. I am privileged to have worked on many exciting projects, including the merger with Flow Interactive, the acquisition of the Singapore office and, most recently, launching a new identity and website.

At the end of the week I’ll mostly be hanging out with my photographer husband and walking my oversized, hairy puppy on Southwold beach. If you find me with my headphones on I’m likely indulging my other passion for loud rock music. If you catch me reading a book it’s probably fantasy or classic Sci-Fi.

Rachel discussing PR
Rachel Buck - Marketing Manager
"Working at Foolproof for five years has been nothing short of exciting."

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