Raffaele Abramini


I joined the Foolproof team as a front-end developer. This means I’m one of the guys who makes things become real! From pattern libraries to production websites, passing through the creation of working prototypes, I build web projects working side by side with the Design Team, from the beginning to the end of the projects. This constant working synergy allows us to have a final product that is both optimised for the user experience and sematic, scalable and reusable from a coding point of view.

JS, CSS and HTML are the main languages I use in day-to-day projects… But it’s never so simple! JS is written using the latest ES standard and bundled via a file-bundler (Has anyone said Webpack?), CSS coded with SASS and HTML composed in Handlebars or EJS. And everything runs together with the fancy Gulp task-runner. Yes, front-end is an amazing world.

Creating structures and applications with JavaScript is the part of my job I love the most. JavaScript is a very flexible language, it creates a series of coding possibilities – it’s up to the developer to find and use the best and cleanest solution. And finding solutions is what I’m good at (photogenic skills aside).

I’m 26 years old and I come from Sondrio, Italy. I have both a design-based and scientific background. I started my studies with a science-oriented high-school, but I chose later on to proceed with a design-focused university course. I successfully applied to the Polytechnic University of Milan’s Communication Design course.

During my time an university I realised the utter importance of a good user experience and I started a collaboration with a graphic agency for whom I coded my first websites. After my graduation in 2012, I started my first working experience as a front-end developer and web designer in Sondrio.

Because of the lack of incentives of Italian suburban society, I decided it was time for a change. I moved to London in the summer of 2014 and I started an internship, which mutated later on into a contract, for a school of English which needed a bright new website.

After this first English working experience, I worked for over 2 years in the City for another communications agency, before having the opportunity to join the amazing Foolproof team.

I love hiking and climbing: I take all the opportunities I get to go back to my Italian mountains to conquer new peaks. Here in London I love to go out and discover new cafes in order to find the least toxic espresso (no offence). Music, cinema and travels are the ingredients I use to fill my free time.


Raffaele Abramini, Front-end Developer
"I joined the Foolproof team as a front-end developer. This means I’m one of the guys who makes things become real!"


Based in the UK