Salma Yousafzai

Senior Account Director

I am a Senior Account Director at Foolproof, I help maintain and establish long term relationships in one of the busiest portfolios within the business. I help look after a range of international clients, from a variety of industry verticals – Finance, Retail, Entertainment and the third sector to name a few.

Drawing upon my experience as a practitioner, I help our team design bespoke customer-centric approaches that meet the briefs sent to us from clients. Once a project becomes live, I take on the role of the internal client. It is my responsibility to ensure that the experience a client has with Foolproof and the deliverables created meets the clients expectations, if not exceeds them. To do this, it is vital that I understand my clients business - It is only once you have understood the challenges, opportunities and restraints that a client has, that you can help them find creative solutions to their strategic, design, or service problems.

Working as both the client and the practitioner is what I love most about my job, especially when you throw into the mix interesting challenges such as the development of a new service for wearable technologies, or the globalisation vs. localisation of services, products and copy.

My interest in research, and the tools and techniques used to gather insight began in my first job at Virgin Money as an Accounting and Management graduate. During my time there, I was responsible for investigating, facilitating, and analysing market research across business strategy, product development, and marketing.

Following this, I helped set up the research capabilities at Advent, a vocational training company based in Birmingham. I then moved agency-side to Synovate, one of the biggest market research agencies in the world. Here I worked mainly on RBS, Shell and Virgin Trains accounts, managing large scale customer satisfaction surveys, global trackers and occasional quant surveys.

Seeking more variety in terms of both brands and type of work I began working at Foolproof as a UX Consultant. Here I expanded my knowledge of qualitative research techniques and gained exposure to the commercial considerations of conducting research and managing clients.

Outside of work, I love chasing around after my little daughter, who keeps me very fit! I also love spending time with family and friends - especially if there is food involved.

Salma Yousafzai, Account Manager
Salma Yousafzai, Account Manager
"I help our team design bespoke customer-centric approaches that meet the briefs sent to us from clients."

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