Stacey Harris

Marketing Manager

As the marketing manager at Foolproof my days vary greatly and can see me editing a blog post, updating Twitter, writing a project story or lurking in the kitchen for interesting bits of information. As a storyteller and a writer I focus on finding the best way to communicate the value Foolproof brings to clients.

I write, edit, curate and update the Foolproof blog which requires liaising with team members across Foolproof.

I also update our social media channels which includes identifying trends on Twitter, showing what we’re up to on Instagram and building our professional network on LinkedIn. Recently it has also included getting involved with filming and promoting our UX strategy series.

As a marketing professional I honed my ability to write concisely as I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology at Canada’s top University. Writing for both English and Sociology gave me experience writing creatively and analytically. I merge both writing styles to write engaging content for social media, advertising, company newsletters and various other communications.

Before Foolproof I was entrenched in business to business marketing for global companies with presences across six continents. An experienced writer, I have devised content across a broad spectrum of mediums.

Recently arrived to the UK from Toronto, Canada I’m still adjusting to the cloudy skies of London. When not working you can find me covered in flour from baking, curled up with a good book (I read everything), or wandering around taking photos of nature, architecture and anything else that catches my eye. I also enjoy travelling, but mostly so I can find the best bakeries in each city I visit.

Stacey Harris, Marketing Coordinator

Operations team

Based in the UK