Tim Loo

Strategy Director

I’m the Strategy Director at Foolproof and head up our Experience Strategy practice. I take a lead role when our clients are looking to formally create an experience strategy, plan and measurement framework. It’s an exciting area to work in and an increasingly critical and integral part of many a corporate’s business strategy. As such, I’m an advisor on customer experience strategy to our most senior clients and also act as client partner to some of our biggest accounts.

On large experience design projects I usually take a strategy lead role working with the project sponsor and key stakeholders to articulate the business vision and the required outcomes to support their strategy. I work closely with researchers and designers to establish the intent and create assets to keep our design work both inspired and accountable.

My particular talent is creating energy, excitement, focus and alignment for design teams and their stakeholders about what they really need to deliver to their customers to create value. I devise and run a lot workshops and get sent into the breach when our project sponsors need to get organisational support to push through on the sort of alignment and, dare I say it, trade-offs, needed to create great end to end customer experience. Oh and I write a lot of stakeholder communications like steering committee/senior management packs.

I love the challenge of creating change in massive, multinational corporate organisations (yes love), and have experience with global brands in consumer electronics & entertainment, travel, banking, pharma and oil & energy in both B2C and B2B. I’m really interested in how companies are adapting (or not) to the opportunity and threat of digitally empowered customers and what it takes to really make cultural change happen.

I’m active in the experience design strategy community and I sit on the Advisory Board of UX STRAT, the world’s first and leading conference for experience strategists and planners around the globe. I’ve strong opinions on the role of strategy in experience design and have had wonderful opportunities to speak, share and learn at conferences and events in the US, Europe and Asia.

Before joining Foolproof in 2004, I was on the leadership team at www.iii.co.uk (both a dotcom and part of multinational financial services company).

Cooking is hobby and passion of mine (I’m particularly fond of Malaysian, Spanish and American BBQ). I’ve been a contestant on MasterChef and will tell you my story for a coffee or a beer.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Experience strategy
  • Experience measurement
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Visioning future experience and outcomes
  • Senior stakeholder communications & engagement
Tim loo, Strategy Director
Tim Loo, Strategy Director
"My particular talent is creating energy, excitement, focus and alignment for design teams and their stakeholders"

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