Tom Ablewhite

Principal Consultant

When you say “Why?”… that’s what I love. I find it rewarding to give you the empirical evidence you need to understand your problem and confidently decide which direction to take.

As a Principal Consultant my role here is to set the vision and create the best environment possible to extract all the necessary findings. I’ll lead on scoping and reviewing proposals to ensure quality of approach and alignment with your objectives. And I’m here to help the project team articulate the learnings, as we repeat the cycle iteratively. Ultimately, placing stakes in the ground as we decide, move on and create something of value for the customer.

I use all the disciplines of Strategic Planning to achieve success: research, facilitation, systems integration, education, modelling, planning, measuring and reporting.

From the dot-com boom to the stock market crash I have over fifteen years’ digital strategy experience to draw from. I’ve worked client & agency side in various roles from coding, designing and project management, to marketing and community management, but always delivering strategic digital business initiatives in response to stakeholder, customer, competitor and market place priorities.

I’m an innovative thinker problem solver, with passionate points of view. Always curious, customer-centric, a non-stop learner. Humble enough to do the right thing I put projects, people & teams first, but confident enough to lead when necessary.

Hobbies and passions elsewhere include:
Cooking (everything: Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish and Mediterranean. Meat, fish, veggie, bread …you name it, I’ll cook it. But no puddings, puddings and cake can naff off. Cheese please.

Oh and the usual suspects: Music. Film. Travel. People.