Tom Blackburn

Senior Designer

As Senior Designer I make sure that the creative work we produce is always of the highest quality. I collaborate closely with clients, Consultants and other designers to make sure our design solutions address both the needs of users and the commercial requirements of our clients in innovative and effective ways.

I work in a way that draws on skills in different disciplines touching all stages of the design process. This gives me a holistic view of the entire project that helps make our solutions effective, combined with a focussed attention to detail that helps make them exceptional.

I have a particular interest in front-end development, and believe that this should be part of every digital designer's toolkit. When considering a user's experience, how something behaves is just as important as what it looks like. Detailed knowledge of front-end development allows my designs to be focussed and achievable, and shows me where boundaries can be pushed.

I'm also interested in branding: how we can use visual cues to create personality in design, causing people to feel a particular way about something? I approach this with the same thoughtful methodology I apply to other aspects of a user's experience - looking objectively at the subjective responses to design.

I have a degree in Design & Art Direction and also a certificate in Maths & Physics. This education spanning both art and science helped me develop an invaluable combination of analytical and creative skills that I continue to refine with each new design challenge.

Before joining Foolproof I have worked for integrated design and branding agencies, as well as for a large news agency. I began my career designing direct mail packs, which gave me an early grounding in analytics and evidence-based design whilst the web was still in its infancy.

Outside of work, most of my time is spent looking after my active and inquisitive one-year-old son. In my rare moments of free time I love to cook, and can often be found hunting down rare Asian ingredients in an attempt to impress my Malaysian wife. I also try to keep my love of science alive by reading my way through a mountain of books on maths, physics and neuroscience.

Tom Blackburn, Senior Designer
"I have a particular interest in front-end development, and believe that this should be part of every digital designer's toolkit."


Based in the UK