Valerie Oon

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, my day-to-day work involves conducting customer research and interpreting findings to make constructive recommendations from the information gathered.

I see myself as representing the voice of the customer and find ways of delivering value to them that are consistent with my client’s business. I believe the first step to designing and communicating effectively is to base design decisions on real customer insights. At Foolproof, I am happy to be part of a team that stays true to this philosophy and gives me the support to deliver on it.

Human behaviour is endlessly fascinating. I love that we always have to work a little harder to peel the layers in order to truly get to know people. Because of this, an interview with the customer is never just about getting answers to questions but often finding ways to get underneath what is said.

Before I made a career out of speaking to people, I was in the advertising business and also found time to design mobile apps.

Outside of work, I have done a bunch of random things: completed a diploma in massage, joined an idol competition, travelled three days from Istanbul to Tbilisi, kayaked for four days, photographed street children in Kathmandu, cried at a Sigur Ros concert in the rain. In life, I aim to try most things once.

Valerie Oon - Consultant
"I see myself as representing the voice of the customer"

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