Vittoria Bisi

Senior Designer

As a senior designer my role is to solve problems, anticipate behaviours and transform the data I get given into something meaningful to the user. From sketches, to prototypes, to pixel perfect visuals, my job is to deliver design solutions informed by our research and experience. I work as part of project teams, ensuring that our designs answer briefs and help users reach their goals.

My background is in Information Design. I specialise in solving complex design problems as well as breaking down and organising information for the benefit of the user. I work with subject experts to understand what we want to show or say, then I find the best way of displaying the content and delivering the message. The past year at Foolproof has allowed me to gather a deeper understanding of research methods and to work alongside consultants on international projects, conducting diary studies and expert reviews.

Before joining Foolproof, I worked in the retail industry for a few years, helping customers finding the right solution to their issues. Wanting to help people perform everyday activities with ease is what drew me to UX. From the way we book a flight to how we check our bank accounts, I am interested in all the small actions that make our life easier. I believe the small things matter.

During my MA in Information Design, I developed a passion for the medical industry, particularly for self-administrative medications and the process patients go through from diagnosis to administration. I am also interested in the travel and financial sectors. Over the past year I worked on improving numerous financial services, from insurance to mortgage applications.

Besides work, I enjoy cooking huge meals, long walks around London, ales and herbal tea. I love a good period drama and going to the cinema. I am a member of the Curzon and of the V&A. I also like going to the gym, but I’ll happily give that up for at chat the pub.

Vittoria Bisi - Senior Designer
"I believe that successful design comes from listening to the audiences' needs and expectations."

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