10 reasons your Grandad is cooler than you

by Foolproof

There are around 10.3m people aged over 65 in the UK alone as reported in 2011.

We often link ageing with disability and the ‘pre-digital’ generation. Although there are many initiatives to make use of digital and technology to benefit older people, they mostly fall into the category of over specialised products or services, which can sometimes be considered patronising. Older people may be old-at-age, but certainly can still be young-at-heart.

So, while we are busy innovating the internet and technologies, they have been silently catching up with the trend. Without realising, you may now find yourself no cooler than them. This infographic from Plusnet may convince you to reconsider older people as part of your target audience when designing products or services.

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  1. He’s international. Turns out Grandpa’s panama is actually from Panama, over half of Britian’s retirees are using the web to plan the holidays you can only afford to make boards about on Pinterest.
  2. He LOLs. If you think you’re the only one UTD (Up-To-Date) with all the latest webbreviations think again: 72% of over 55s claim they understand basic internet jargon compared to just 61% of 16-24s. ROFL
  3. He keeps his own schedule. There’s no 9-5 for Pops, he doesn’t even watch his favourite murder mystery when he’s told. With over 33% of ‘Silver Survers’ using online streaming he’ll watch what he wants when he wants. It’s elementary.
  4. His sailor tattoo. Just like all the young hipsters Grandpa has an oh-so-cool ‘Nautical Tat’. The difference is they got theirs at an overpriced parlour in Shoreditch, whilst he got inked like a man aboard the HMS Belfast – using nothing but a pin and a biro.
  5. He knows how to work his face. You couldn’t grow a lip-brow like his in your wildest dreams – let alone keep it meticulously groomed for 50+ years. And his horn-rimmed specs? They’d never look that cool on you.
  6. He’s got more Facebook friends than you. In the last 3 months over 220k people over 55 have signed up to Facebook compared to the approximate 330k 18-24s who have left!
  7. He’s more fashionable than you – and not just because he rocked the trend the first time round. With 91% of over 55s saying they’re confident about shopping online, his favourite tweed jacket is as likely to be from ASOS as the 1950s.
  8. He’s getting more action than you. With older people now the fastest growing demographic when it comes to online dating, that might explain what keeps the twinkle in his eye.
  9. His gadgets. Whilst you’re lumbering around with a brick in your pocket moaning about your text limit, he’s throwing tiny red birds at angry pigs on his new iPhone, along with 220 thousand over 55s.
  10. His high-class low-price brogues. You can covet Grandpa’s tailored toe caps all you like, but he’ll never tell you his secret cobbler’s name. Well try Mr E.Bay. Every day over 330k +55s are sniffing out deals on the internet’s biggest marketplace.

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