UX Strategy and the Age of Alignment

By Tim Loo @timothyloo

As a UX strategist and consultant, I work with big business. My clients are primarily global brands with heritages that predate the digital revolution with tens of thousands of staff spread across multiple locations and countries.

Many of the challenges, issues, and pain points that I talk about in my article published by UX Matters reflect my immersion in these large multinational organisations.

Not all big businesses are terrible at providing connected, coherent, and differentiated customer experiences. But, for every company that delivers good customer experience, there are a hundred lemons. In this article I explore the four pillars of user experience strategy that together are crucial in facilitating alignment and a common sense of purpose.

There are a number of factors as to why big organisations are so bad at user experience including the proliferation of organisational silos, measuring the wrong things and rigid IT systems that essentially control primary customer interactions.

This puts UX professionals in a unique position as they have the methods, techniques, and skills necessary to create the right vision, principles, and stories to focus and inspire organisations.

We have the opportunity to turn the Age of Digital for consumers into the Age of Alignment for businesses

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Tim Loo

I’m the Strategy Director at Foolproof and head up our Experience Strategy practice. I take a lead role when our clients are looking to formally create an experience strategy, plan and measurement framework. It’s an exciting area to work in and an increasingly critical and integral part of many a corporate’s business strategy.

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