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      Top down user experience

      By Meriel Lenfestey 26 Feb 2013

      Organisational attitudes towards UX are starting to mature with a noticeable organisational shift towards customer-centricity as a means to drive success within big businesses.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Experience design: a definition

      By Tom Wood 19 Feb 2013

      With the user experience industry constantly evolving we had a go at writing a definition for experience design that was universal and could be useful to a broad range of professionals.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design & practice

      Why agile can be good for user experience

      By Foolproof 12 Feb 2013

      There is much debate over the advantages and disadvantages of using agile and lean practices to create great user experiences. This post considers some of the advantages for this method and how it is possible for UX and agile to work well together.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      Investing in a digital shopping experience that fits

      By Foolproof 11 Feb 2013

      Online shopping is growing in popularity but the long and costly task of dealing with returns and exchanges is causing problems for retailers. To reduce this cost, businesses must improve the initial buying experience.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Risk of mobile for B2B & enterprise orgs

      By Rob Gillham 05 Feb 2013

      There is a lack of data available to support decision making when designing for mobile in B2B and internal business environments. This makes designing for mobile difficult and it’s therefore important to consider a number of factors.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Business to business

      RDR and the opportunity for digital

      By Peter Ballard 29 Jan 2013

      RDR introduced new rules which determine how we get advice on our finances and how much we pay for it. This presents an opportunity for digital platforms to target consumers who don’t want to pay for advice.

      Tags: Financial services

      Was HMV the first victim of showrooming?

      By Peter Ballard 21 Jan 2013

      Showrooming is a hot topic in the retail sector. This post examines the fall of HMV and how they failed to understand and respond to changes in consumer shopping behaviour.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      Design research and the new creativity

      By Tom Wood 16 Jan 2013

      Instead of hindering creativity, user research is enhancing the design process at some of the world’s biggest companies. If research is used in the right way it can reduce risk, allow you to get it right first time and create a safe environment that encourages creativity.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design thinking

      Designing for multiple devices

      By Lauren Coleman 14 Jan 2013

      In a talk on designing for multiple devices UX Designer Anna Dahlstrom led a discussion around the shift in user expectations, behaviour and consumption patterns and what that means when designing products that will be used on multiple devices.


      The need for better designed content

      By Foolproof 10 Jan 2013

      Content is used to drive and shape the holistic design of products, spaces and environments and create better customer experiences. Content therefore needs to be part of the design process.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Experience Design: Walk-a-mile immersion

      By Foolproof 09 Jan 2013

      Walk-a-mile-immersion involves literally putting yourself in the shoes and mind-set of your customers and experiencing things from their perspective. This is an often underutilised method that has a real power and unique role for experience design projects.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      The true impact of showrooming

      By Foolproof 03 Jan 2013

      A quarter of all UK shoppers showroom, according to our research with 1 in 10 shoppers switching purchases from one retailer to another as a direct result of showrooming.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, Consumer behaviour

      The user experience of chocolate

      By Meriel Lenfestey 21 Dec 2012

      Like making great chocolates, making great digital products, involves the success of three things: Ingredients, process and marketing strategy.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      Travelling safely for user research overseas

      By Neil Pawley 18 Dec 2012

      As a consultant, immersing yourself in the country you’re conducting research in is beneficial. But it can also be unsettling and sometimes dangerous. Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe abroad.

      Tags: International

      Why getting lost makes you a better researcher

      By Neil Pawley 11 Dec 2012

      Getting lost in a foreign country not only improves the consultant’s comprehension of social context but can also aid their understanding of cultural nuances essential in international research.

      Tags: International

      Mobile web or app: The role of research

      By Foolproof 04 Dec 2012

      How diary studies can be useful in helping you make the decision between whether it’s better design a native app or a mobile-optimised website.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design & practice

      How to simulate context of use in-lab

      By Nicole Harlow 20 Nov 2012

      The context of use is an important consideration when carrying out usability testing in the lab. Here are our top tips for simulating the context of use in-lab.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      Mobile devices and privacy

      By Neil Pawley 14 Nov 2012

      Due to a perceived insecurity of public Wi-Fi and screen brightness mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) are being used for basic socialising and monitoring, not for anything that is thought to be complicated or transactional.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices

      Foolproof ranked in The Drum Digital 100

      By Foolproof 12 Nov 2012

      Foolproof ranked number 49 in The Drum UK Digital 100 – 2012. This is the first year Foolproof has been included in this list and provides yet more confirmation of the growing importance of experience design within the design community.

      Tags: Foolproof news

      UXPA World Usability Day: Usability of Financial Systems

      By Foolproof 09 Nov 2012

      A recent UXPA event hosted by Thomson Reuters focused on usability in the Financial Services industry. There were many key takeaways including the notion that professionals within this industry are now expecting more from their IT systems.


      Redesign your business for your customers

      By Tim Loo 06 Nov 2012

      UX strategy can provide a long-term plan that aligns every customer touch point with your vision for user experience. This can make your whole business more customer-centric and help achieve a measurable increase in commercial yield.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX strategy