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      The NEXT big thing at Digital Shoreditch

      By Tim Caynes 31 May 2012

      At Digital Shoreditch 2012 Tim Caynes talked about mobile wallet design, prompting discussions around the probable futures for mobile payment systems, NFC implementations, and winners and losers in the mobile payment land-grab.


      E3 2012 Preview: What's next in videogames

      By Philip Morton 28 May 2012

      E3 is an opportunity for manufacturers, publishers and developers to show off their latest games and hardware to the industry, months before they go on sale to the general public. In the last few years the industry has branched out into broader entertainment categories such as film and TV.

      Tags: Games & gaming

      UX Camp Europe 2012

      By Jan Srutek 28 May 2012

      The third European UX Camp is focused around three topics; the challenges around designing products for devices in context, penetration of UX and design thinking in corporations and start-ups, and challenges of designing holistic customer experiences across touchpoints.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design & practice

      Interview: Elsa Plumley, Principal Consultant

      By Foolproof 27 May 2012

      This interview profile’s Elsa Plumley, a Principal Consultant at Foolproof. It looks at her career path before joining the company, her role and main responsibilities as a Principal Consultant and what she finds most challenging and rewarding about this role.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills, Foolproof news

      Top tips: complying with the EU Cookie Directive

      By Meriel Lenfestey 25 May 2012

      As the EU Privacy Directive comes into force, we’ve been helping several of our clients to identify the right solution for their business and their customers. Here are our top tips to help brands comply.

      Tags: Brand & marketing

      One size doesn't fit all - mobile sites vs responsive design

      By Rob Varney 22 May 2012

      Responsive design has been seen as the solution to unifying the digital experience across different devices. It has big advantages such as cost and time saving, but unless the product is sufficiently tailored to the device and operating system to take advantage of its characteristics, a sub-optimal experience is often the result.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design thinking

      What is the difference between Research and Insight?

      By Peter Ballard 21 May 2012

      ‘Insight’ and ‘Research’ are often used interchangeably but in truth they are quite different. Research can tell us what is happening, but we need insight to understand why it is happening, and crucially, what to do about it. In projects it’s really important that we don’t just stop at research finding.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, UX design & practice

      Getting the trial experience right

      By Philip Morton 14 May 2012

      Being able to try a product or service ahead of purchase greatly increases chances of conversion. Fitting rooms and game demos are ways to allow people to sample the experience. However, if these previews are poor quality then those prospects are unlikely to turn into customers.

      Tags: Consumer & retail, UX design & practice

      Brands risk losing customers from poor mobile experience

      By Foolproof 11 May 2012

      Our mobile user experience study Going Mobile found that 47% of smart phone users stated that they have ceased dealing with a brand completely as a direct result of its mobile service or app not being good enough.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      When lots of advertising is ok

      By Nicole Harlow 09 May 2012

      We often find users are frustrated by overly large flashing images and videos, but there are situations where adverts contribute to, rather than hinder, the user experience.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design & practice

      Moments of simplicity in experience design

      By Tim Caynes 08 May 2012

      Moments of simplicity that provide clarity in the design process and help you set the course of the project are invaluable. However, you use an approach that creates the right environment for these moments to happen and invest effort in understanding the problem you are solving.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice

      London olympics 2012 - are you ready?

      By Foolproof 02 May 2012

      The London 2012 Olympics will bring more than 900,000 visitors to the U.K. who will require access to huge quantities of information, products and services from the tourist sector. Here are our top tips for taking advantage of the games and beyond.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Improving UX- creativity, innovation & quality of life

      By Lauren Coleman 30 Apr 2012

      In a lecture at City University, Patrick Jordan looked at what quality of life is and the role that user experience can play in improving it. This included the role that online and mobile services and media can play and how creativity and innovation can be used to optimise the design of these.

      Tags: UX design & practice, UX design thinking

      Luck: What it means in sport, life...and UX

      By Rob Gillham 26 Apr 2012

      In a talk at the London School of Economics writer and former England cricketer Ed Smith made a compelling case for embracing luck in our lives drawing parallels with mistakes researchers often make in drawing their inferences from customer data.

      Tags: UX design thinking

      Cookies update

      By Meriel Lenfestey 25 Apr 2012

      The EU privacy directive has driven much debate. Our advice to clients is to understand the spirit of the law and then interpret it in a way which maps to the level of risk the organisation is prepared to take and the context of the business.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Consumer & retail

      Breaking organisational silos at UX HK

      By Foolproof 20 Apr 2012

      At UX Hong Kong 2012 breaking down organisational silos was a key topic. This suggested an acceptance with UX professionals from all types of organisations that UX has matured as a discipline and earned the right to play a leading role in supporting business strategy and change.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Experience design, UX strategy

      Data is not a dirty word in design

      By Foolproof 18 Apr 2012

      There is a strong constituency in the design community that believe data has no place in the design process. The reality is that good design stems from the right reason for creativity. Understanding the pain points the customer experiences helps to define the problem-space and build a platform for truly creative thinking.

      Tags: Data & analytics, UX design thinking

      Understanding and winning the mobile consumer

      By Foolproof 13 Apr 2012

      Following his webinar on 'Understanding and winning the mobile consumer', Ray McCune answers questions on identifying the context when designing for mobile, mobile gambling, mobile version vs. responsive design and advice when developing B2B apps.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Consumer behaviour

      Making the most of the bank login page

      By Foolproof 05 Apr 2012

      Most customers’ primary point of entry to a bank’s website is the login page, which provides a valuable opportunity to target focused content at particular user segments to create a more positive user experience. Here are three objectives of a typical banking homepage that the login page can fulfil.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice

      TV: Coming to a (second) screen near you

      By Peter Ballard 02 Apr 2012

      The socially connected generation are already well established on dual screen viewing and both broadcasters and brands are waking up to the opportunities this behaviour presents, such as integrated social engagement, e-commerce opportunities, or enhanced content.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Media

      NFC putting magic into the world

      By Tom Wood 23 Mar 2012

      Local meet-up group Hot Source ran a month-long event allowing teams to use a Near Field Communications (NFC) campaign management platform developed by Proxama. It was the first event of its kind in the UK and resulted in some remarkable ideas for using this emerging technology.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design & practice