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      Children's bank accounts: a potted history

      By Foolproof 17 Mar 2017

      This article from the FT takes a look at how bank accounts for children have evolved and what they now want from their bank.

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      UX Strategy thought-leader video series – Paul Bryan

      By Tim Loo 07 Mar 2017

      In this series Tim Loo, Executive Director of Strategy at Foolproof, will be talking to global leaders and experts on the thinking and doing of experience design strategy.

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      Do make me think

      By Neil Pawley 06 Mar 2017

      Helping people make better decisions sometimes means designing complex interactions.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design & practice, UX design thinking, Consumer behaviour

      Digitising the car buying journey

      By Peter Ballard 27 Feb 2017

      What car manufacturers need to know about digitising the car buying journey.

      Tags: Automotive

      Banking and designing for Voice Recognition

      By Martin McCarthy 25 Jan 2017

      These tips for designing aural interfaces for banking will help financial services overcome the biggest challenges of customer adoption.

      Tags: Financial services, UX design & practice, UX design thinking, Consumer behaviour

      User experience research enables great design

      By Foolproof 19 Jan 2017

      A selection of articles and videos exploring the different aspects of user experience research.

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      Follow the journey of our Singapore UX trainees

      By Keynes Yeo 16 Jan 2017

      We have added four aspiring UX designers to the Foolproof team; two consultant trainees and two designer trainees. They have joined us for a 12-month training programme; 6 months with our Singapore team and 6 months in our UK offices.

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      Singapore as a hub for Fintech innovation

      By Keynes Yeo, Jasmine Tan 06 Jan 2017

      Exponential growth over the last three years has positioned Asia, and particularly Singapore, as a centre for Fintech innovation. As local banks continue the fight against disruption, we’re excited for what 2017 will bring in this space.

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      New Econsultancy guide to UX and Interaction Design

      By Foolproof 20 Dec 2016

      Look smart in front of your colleagues with this new guide to UX and Interaction Design from Econsultancy.

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      The Pool Rules of design critique

      By Rob Varney 16 Dec 2016

      Download a free poster for your office: Tips for having a successful design critique.

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      The drop down that made me cry

      By Gus Waller 01 Dec 2016

      This post shows why it's important to design for people over systems.

      Tags: UX design thinking, Consumer behaviour

      V&A exhibition showcases digital, physical relationship

      By Foolproof 11 Nov 2016

      Watch this video to see our creative technology team at work on their installation for the V&A Digital Design Weekend.

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      The Guardian: Is technology still a man’s world?

      By Foolproof 08 Nov 2016

      Emi Mitchell, Creative Technologist, tells The Guardian why she loves her job.

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      Why we are joining Zensar

      By Tom Wood 02 Nov 2016

      Today we’ve taken the next step on the Foolproof journey and joined global tech company Zensar.

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      Understanding Gen Z: the first digital natives

      By Martin McCarthy 13 Oct 2016

      Gen Z is the post millennial generation – the eldest of whom is no more than eighteen years old. Talking to these digital natives gives you clues about how your products and platforms will have to evolve.

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      BBC announces new Design Research roster

      By Foolproof 07 Oct 2016

      Foolproof added to the BBC Design Research roster.

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      Exploring the past, present and future of UX/HCI

      By Foolproof 04 Oct 2016

      The HCID Open Day is a free conference run by the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID) at City University London. This year Leslie and Jane went along, here are their presentations.

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      UX Strat USA: What did we learn?

      By Tom Wood 28 Sep 2016

      We’ve been friends of the UX Strat family since 2013 and with every event the community seems to grow and the subject matter evolve. It’s a genuine pleasure to spend a few days in the company of people who are looking at the same challenges as we face every day. Here are some of the standout presentations from this year's conference.

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      Q&A: Prototyping a smart pill bottle

      By Peter Ballard 12 Sep 2016

      Foolproof co-founder, Peter Ballard, was interviewed by Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology about a prototype we developed for a smart pill dispenser.

      Tags: Experience design, Healthcare, Creative technology

      Tips for designers when applying for your next role

      By James Reeve 05 Sep 2016

      Top tips for making sure your job application for a UX designer job position is up to scratch.

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      Singapore – 12-month on-the-job training opportunity

      By Keynes Yeo, Khai Seng Hong 18 Aug 2016

      We're working with the Singapore Economic Development Board to help nurture the next generation of UX designers through a 12-month on-the-job training programme.

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