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      What is Experience Design?

      By Tom Wood 17 Feb 2016

      Experience Design recognises that the relationship between business and customer is not a zero-sum game – where there must be a winner and a loser. Instead its purpose is to discover a result where both parties are satisfied to the maximum extent possible.

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      An open letter to second generation UX designers in Singapore

      By Samantha Yuen 12 Jan 2016

      We recently took part in a panel discussion about UX careers for the inaugural batch of User Experience Design Immersive students at General Assembly Singapore. In this piece we explore some of the themes which came up during the session and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

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      Foolproof 360

      By Joe Duffy 18 Dec 2015

      2015 has witnessed the emergence of some really exciting creative technologies, and 360 video is up there with the best of them. We’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with this medium over the last few months so we thought we’d put our kit to good use and do something a bit different this Christmas.

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      Apple Pay and loyalty

      By Foolproof 15 Dec 2015

      Foolproof carried out research which provided a window into the UK loyalty market.

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      Insight means looking deeper

      By Rob Gillham 18 Nov 2015

      Analysis of data is an activity which newcomers to user research often find difficult. This isn’t particularly surprising: there’s a great deal of guidance freely available for novices conducting user research. Yet there’s far less advice on how to turn research findings into design insight.

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      Mindful user experience

      By Khai Seng Hong 21 Oct 2015

      As UX professionals there is a lot we can learn from the lessons of mindfulness that can help us develop as practitioners. We curated a session at UXSG which explored the intersection mindfulness and UX. Here is a summary of what we covered on the night.

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      Getting to know the Apple Watch

      By Neil Pawley 08 Oct 2015

      Some recent client projects have allowed us a deeper look at the Apple Watch, so we’ve been asking ourselves what does the customer gain from the experience and what, if anything, is it changing for them?

      Tags: UX design & practice, UX design thinking

      Why freelancing may be bad for your UX career

      By Elsa Plumley 23 Sep 2015

      There's a stage in your career, once you've acquired a few years full-time experience, where you might be tempted to go freelance. However, often this decision is made at the expense of crucial years of professional development.

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      A new edge to design thinking

      By Luke Burroughs 27 Aug 2015

      Aaron Shekey, a product designer at GitHub and musician from Minneapolis, is well known for his development of a new addition to Adobe’s suite of products. A tool to bridge the relationship between developers and designers alike. He named it: Edge Reflow.

      Tags: Experience design, UX design & practice, UX design thinking

      Why we love to hate hamburger menus

      By Vittoria Bisi 12 Aug 2015

      The hamburger menu has been fuelling debate amongst the design community for some time. But what is it about these three lines that is so controversial? We took a look at this notorious icon to find out why.

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      The why and how of using beacons

      By Jasmine Tan 30 Jul 2015

      Beacon technology has shown great potential in improving user experiences across industries such as retail, airline. This case study on the use of beacons in museums reveals that creating an experience around beacon technology is not as straightforward as it seems.

      Tags: Technology, Mobile & smart devices

      Creating great experiences goes beyond functional needs

      By Leslie Fountain 21 Jul 2015

      We were delighted to host the ‘Sensory Service Design’ event in June for the UK chapter of the Service Design Network (SDN). The theme was around designing services for the senses and it raised some profound points about how we design experiences.

      Tags: Experience design

      Channelling the conversation in the 'Internet of everything'

      By Foolproof 16 Jul 2015

      As the amount of connected devices in our lives continues to grow, how will we control the experiences we have with the products we use on a daily basis?

      Tags: Technology, Experience design

      Pattern libraries, the one true source

      By James Reeve 07 Jul 2015

      How we design and build websites has changed. We no longer create static and unresponsive pages but design optimised experiences that utilise screen size, micro-interactions, device features etc. to present content in a meaningful and engaging way.

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      Knit win Brand Republic Award for Lucozade Sport

      By Foolproof 30 Jun 2015

      This award-winning project for Lucozade Sport points to wider opportunities for brands to use technology imaginatively to facilitate seamless experiences for customers

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Technology, Knit

      A sceptic's guide to the Apple Watch

      By Foolproof 19 Jun 2015

      Having an Apple Watch in our device lab means we’ve been able to spend some time road testing it. We asked Principal Consultant, Rob to give the watch a try and share his thoughts about the experience.

      Tags: Technology, Experience design, Consumer behaviour

      Breaking into a career in UX

      By Amy Shore 18 Jun 2015

      When you’re in education it can be difficult to imagine what your future looks like. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition and improve your chances of breaking into a career in UX.

      Tags: UX jobs & skills

      What could be your future pre-flight travel experience?

      By Foolproof 02 Jun 2015

      We visited the Future Travel Experience Europe conference to find out more about where the industry is heading. This got us thinking about other ways the pre-flight experience could be improved and what it might look like in the future.

      Tags: Experience design, Travel & leisure

      Recruitment screening: avoiding leading questions

      By Valerie Oon 22 May 2015

      The way we ask questions in research is different from the way we do in everyday conversation. It has to be because the goal is not the exchange of ideas. It is gathering data.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      Creating compelling brand experiences

      By Foolproof 13 May 2015

      The last 10 years have been about building and optimising digital and mobile platforms. We believe the next 10 years will be about linking the digital and physical worlds to create compelling brand experiences.

      Tags: Technology, Experience design, UX design thinking

      Take photos and get on our photo ethnography wall

      By Foolproof 08 May 2015

      We’ve been working on a hobby photo ethnography project to capture images which tell a story about how technology is changing the way in which we go about our lives. Now we want you to contribute to this work.

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