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      iOS 7 and the UX of updates

      By Rob Sterry 02 Oct 2013

      The launch of iOS 7 highlights some of the user experience problems created by introducing an update.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, UX design thinking

      Making agile the friend of experience design

      By Rob Gillham 17 Sep 2013

      If UX is to create positive outcomes for complex software projects, engagement with approaches like Agile is a necessity. Here are four suggestions for making agile the friend of experience design.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      Customer experience for competitive advantage

      By Foolproof 16 Sep 2013

      Another prescient classic from 2009. It looks like the world is catching up on this one now.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, UX design thinking

      7-day bank switching could fall flat

      By Peter Ballard 16 Sep 2013

      The current account switching service promises to make it easier for customers to switch banks. This post addresses whether this new service will have a measurable impact.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Financial services

      Going Mobile: Understanding & Winning the Mobile Consumer

      By Foolproof 10 Sep 2013

      An introduction to today's mobile consumers, and the implications for businesses competing for first place in the fast changing mobile space.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, Consumer behaviour

      Smart meters

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      How smart meters will affect the supplier-customer relationship, and what to do about it

      Tags: Energy & utilities, Consumer behaviour

      Payment Protection Insurance

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) online marketplace is a battlefield where neither the consumer nor provider is winning.

      Tags: Financial services

      Online Shopping Survey: Utilities

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      This study uncovers how the online market for gas and electricity works (and doesn’t work) for UK consumers. We hope our report will help provide inspiration and ideas for companies looking to improve the value of the online channel for customer acquisition and retention.

      Tags: Energy & utilities, Consumer behaviour

      Online Shopping Survey: Travel

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      In this first OSS review of the online travel market we use our established ethnographic research method to examine the various factors shaping the customer experience and influencing online holiday bookings today.

      Tags: Consumer behaviour, Travel & leisure

      Online Shopping Survey: Personal Loans

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Our 2007 report records and explains the behaviour and frustrations of online consumers. It should give loans marketers and product managers ideas about how to meet consumers needs more effectively. We hope it will help bring success to companies selling loans online.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Online Shopping Survey: Mortgages

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Consumers have learned to trust the web as a place to find and buy almost every other type of financial product. They are surprised how hard it is to shop for mortgages online. Many are impatient for the major brands to do more to inform, engage and persuade them in the digital space.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Online Shopping Survey: General Insurance

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Our third look at the general insurance market has produced some very interesting findings. In the 18 months since our last report, a significant evolution in consumer shopping behaviour has taken place.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Online Shopping Survey: Current Accounts

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      This is our first look at the online marketplace for current accounts. It clearly shows how the tools and resources available to online shoppers make it hard to sell traditional products in a traditional way

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Online Shopping Survey: Credit Cards

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Consumers are starting to find it hard to distinguish between the brands and products on offer. And this makes it difficult to summon up the conviction to select and apply for a new card.

      Tags: Financial services, Consumer behaviour

      Mobile & Africa: Are smartphones really smart?

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      Commentators have remarked on the opportunity for mobile handset manufacturers, operators and mobile apps in sub-Saharan Africa for years.

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices, International

      London 2012 ticketing: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived; applications for tickets to the London 2012 Olympics is now open and we’ve spent the day reviewing the application process.

      Tags: Consumer & retail

      Going Mobile

      By Foolproof 06 Sep 2013

      This research delivers insights which will underpin the design and development of successful mobile user experiences. It reveals a previously unexamined world of mobile behaviours and usage patterns.

      Tags: Brand & marketing, Mobile & smart devices

      Self-service experience principles

      By Foolproof 05 Sep 2013

      This slideshare provides key principles that make a great self-service experience, alongside a number of best practice examples from different industries.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      iOS7: Being enterprising

      By Foolproof 22 Aug 2013

      For an enterprise organisation which has embraced mobile as a key channel, iOS7 may provide opportunities to unlock additional value for users. But, does the potential value justify the investment of time?

      Tags: Mobile & smart devices

      User experience and scientific methods

      By James Coston 20 Aug 2013

      This article for UX Matters looks at the real value of eyetracking and explains why it is limited within our field and why the way our industry functions makes it hard to gain valid data.

      Tags: UX design & practice

      10 reasons your Grandad is cooler than you

      By Foolproof 15 Aug 2013

      We often link ageing with disability and the ‘pre-digital’ generation. This infographic from Plusnet may convince you to reconsider older people as part of your target audience.

      Tags: Technology